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Behind Our Designs

From our desks, right to your doorstep, your Sugar Blossom Jewelry is meticulously designed with special consideration for just about everything! There’s no denying that it’s all in the details.   
Design process of jewelry
Each Sugar Blossom collection pulls inspiration from what we’re currently loving and dreaming of. Then, we start sketching, and every detail is thoughtfully measured and considered down to the millimeter. From sketches to samples, the golden treasures come to life. Sometimes they’re not quite right and need a little more love, so we’ll play around with new chains, cast new moulds, and change the size and lengths. Once perfected, our samples are loved until we can’t go any longer without sharing them with you. 
Design behind Lennon necklaceDesign behind enamel ringsBeyond following the latest runway shows, ideas for new jewelry surround us every day. From images, past collections, tiny trinkets around the office to playing with chain links, beads, and pendants — we’re always working on new pieces and pieces are always evolving.
Sugar Blossom design process
Design process of Florence ringEvery collection is meant to be layered and stacked effortlessly together — it’s part of what makes Sugar Blossom so special. So, the lengths of your favourite chains are carefully chosen to create your own layered look, and we include extender chains, so each piece is oh-so-versatile. Pendants and chain types for anklets to necklaces are designed to complement each other, so you’ll get compliments from head-to-toe. And colours are hand-selected for the perfect combination of smile-inducing hues. 
 Design behind Cove Ring
Hand drawn by us, for you. 


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