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How To: Measure Your Ring Size

Finding your perfect fit doesn’t require the glass slipper fairytale magic you might think. We’re making it oh so easy to find your ring size with supplies you can find around your house.


For this method, you will need a piece of string, if you can’t find one, a piece of floss will work perfectly (we know we’re not the only ones that have a stash from our dentists). You will also need a ruler and a pen.

  • Using your string or floss, wrap it around your finger and mark where it overlaps. Note: Try not to pull the string or floss too tight around your finger; you want your ring to fit comfortably. Using a string with little to no stretch can also help give a more accurate measurement.
  • Then, lay your string or floss beside your ruler and take down its length in millimetres.
  • Now, use your measurement and the chart below to find your ring size. It’s just that easy!
Sugar Blossom ring size chart


Depending on the style of the ring, the fit may vary. Thicker, chunky rings may fit tighter as they take up more space on your finger. If you're between sizes we suggest sizing up. 

Sugar Blossom carries sizes 6.5 and 7.5 because these are the two most universally popular ring sizes. We do hope to bring out more sizes in the future, so stay tuned! 

As always, be sure to share your ring stacks on Instagram and tag @sugarblossomjewelry, or message us if you have any stacking or sizing questions! 


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