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Locket Love | How To: Add a Photograph to your Locket

It's time to lock in your love with one of our lockets.

We think lockets are the sweetest way to keep the ones you love oh so close to your heart. If you've picked out one for someone special, or even yourself, we're giving you some tips on how to get a tiny little photo into your locket.

Locket Flat Lay ImageA locket with a personal photo makes a perfect gift for any holiday, mother's day, milestone or birthday. Shop our current collection of lockets below, and then get started!

FW'20 Locket Necklaces
Step One: Picking out your photograph

This can be absolutely any photo you'd like. If you're like us, I'm sure it'll take you on a trip down memory lane looking at all the photos. You can choose one from your recent tropical getaway, a picture of your little one or a cute photo of your significant other– anything!

Original Photo
When choosing an original, it works best when your loved ones are farther away in the photo. We recommend making a copy of it to ensure you don't accidentally ruin a photo by mistake.

Digital Photo
Once you have your digital image selected, crop the portion of the image you'd like to feature in your locket in a square (make sure you duplicate the image)! Then using our size guide below, resize your image to the correct specs.

Don't think either of these methods will work? We suggest ordering prints through Social Print Studio. They offer photo strips making your photo even tinier to cut out into your locket.

Step Two: Adding your photograph to the locket

With the printed or original photo, grab your locket and place it over the image. Use a pencil to trace around the locket to ensure the perfect fit. Take your scissors and cut the photo a bit smaller than what you traced around the locket. You may need to trim it down a couple of times, and then you're all set to place it in your locket.

Locket Size Guide

Poppie Locket – 23 mm x 18 mm
Clemence Locket – 17 mm x 17 cm

Ride or die Sugar Blossom fan? You might have one of these lockets from our past collections. That doesn't mean it's too late to add a personal touch.
Ursula Locket – 2.2 cm x 2.2 cm
Juliet Locket – 1.7 cm x 1.7 cm
JRC x SB Flower – 2 cm x 2 cm
Locket flat lay photo

Step Three: Securing it

If you find the photo moving around in your locket, take some tape (double-sided tape works great) to secure your photo, so it doesn't fall out when your showing off your photographs later.

We would love to see how you personalize your Sugar Blossom locket! Post on your Instagram feed or story, and make sure to tag us (@sugarblossomjewelry)!

Who will you put in your locket? ♥


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