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The Tulepps X SB Necklace

One of our favourite things is working with incredible women in our community who push the boundaries and inspire us every day. That's why we're so excited to announce our newest collaboration piece — the Tulepps x SB Necklace. This sweet floral necklace was designed with Cassandra and Stefanie Lepp, also known as @thetulepps on Instagram. It's the perfect necklace to keep any duo, sister, or BFF close to your heart because rain or shine, these tulips (+ the two Lepp sisters) are blooming side by side! 

You probably know these sisters from Instagram, where you've likely been in awe of farm life with the best touch of fashion, cute animals, and incredible photography. But in case this is the first you're hearing of Cassandra and Stefanie, this Q+A will let you get to know them (and we guarantee you'll quickly become obsessed and seriously inspired).


 the Tulepps x SB Necklace



Q + A

What's the story behind the Tulepps Instagram page? What were your hopes and dreams for it?

Working in farming sales, we were consistently told we didn't look like farmers at trade shows, and the odd time people were blatantly rude about it. Being asked if we were just models hired to sell a product or being called "farm wives" proved stereotypes were very present. This inspired us to show the world that women can do anything we set out to do — no matter the industry. Having our own space has connected us to so many women doing incredible things, and this inspires us. Our dream is to empower others to live their life regardless of what societal roles tell you to do. In some cases, it's young girls thinking Disney Princesses can farm — apparently, we reminded her of the Frozen characters!

Some may think there is nothing glamourous about farm life, but you two have no trouble bringing high fashion to the farm! Describe your style on and off the farm. 

Farmers are mechanics, engineers, accountants, market experts, the list goes on.  They are multifaceted individuals with varied skillsets, and we want to show that side of farming and agriculture. We love fashion and photography, so that is why we include editorial-style shoots in our brand. We love the creativity these shoots allow, especially this year while we've been at home. Our style is whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable — all while supporting local businesses and makers. Maison Corazon and Rose and Doll are a couple of amazing Winnipeg makers we love.

Our farm-style has evolved a lot this year. There has always been a shortage of quality women's workwear; but, we are happy to see that brands are changing and embracing hard-working women by making products to support us. In early 2020, we teamed up with BAD North America; their clothes are built for women and are incredibly stylish, comfortable, and durable. We are huge fans. 

We were so excited to get the chance to collaborate on a piece together. Why did you decide to collaborate on a piece of jewelry?

We started our page to inspire and share our lives, but many of our followers have shown interest in a Tulepps piece, so we decided to give it a try, and it's been such a fun project.  We wanted to do something different, and a necklace felt like "us."  We loved the idea of a tulip design to symbolise our brand and spring, which is a new and exciting beginning. Hopefully, it's a hit!

When it comes to your jewelry style, how would you describe it? Are you into layering your pieces together, or are you into the less is more look?

Layer it up! We have always loved wearing mismatched earrings that complement one another and pieces that bring back good memories. Doing this tells a story and lets you create your own style and message. The Sugar Blossom x The Tulepps collab is bold enough to wear on its own, but we love layering it with differing chains and chokers. 

After years in just the world of agriculture, what have you learned through farming that transfers into the world of fashion and social media?

Growing up with an agricultural background keeps you grounded — which sounds cliché, but it's true. You learn perseverance, problem-solving, and resilience early on because no year is the same, and so many elements are out of your control (the weather and markets, to name a few). Work ethic is a prerequisite for any farm kid and the gratitude that comes with it when you sit down for a warm meal after a long day in the field. It's a beautiful life.

How this translates to fashion and social media is a confidence to do whatever makes us comfortable.  Our value doesn't stem from how many likes we have on our IG account or what we look like. I think that is something we all need to be reminded of.  Social media can be many things, but above all, we try and keep it light and don't put too much weight on it.  We want to stay real and authentic.  We want to inspire little ladies to dream.  We want to show that you can make mistakes, and in turn, you will have grown by making them.

With the pressures of social media, you both continue to be yourself! What is your advice for other women looking to pave the way for themselves in any industry?

We didn't follow any rules; we made our own.

They say to streamline your content and pick a few topics you are interested in and stick to them. We post about our horses, farming, our travels (when we could), fashion, and often whatever else is happening in our life. We use it as a journal, and we enjoy looking back on the memories. Our grid isn't perfect, and that's ok. We post pictures that make us happy, and we enjoy creating. Not everyone is going to like what you're putting out, but keep doing you, and don't try to change to fit in. You will attract the right crew if you are true to yourself.

I think of all the things we've done on social media, just being ourselves has gained the most respect. When you meet us in real life, we are the same people you know from Instagram. We love the quote, "Be so completely yourself that everyone around you feels safe to be themselves too" (I forget who said it!). That's the vibe we want to share. There is room for everyone, and it does not have to be a competition. It absolutely shouldn't be.

Thanks for reading!

Cass + Stef 

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